Bitrate is Here

It has always been a goal of mine to design my own glasses. That day has finally come, thanks to Arnette! A year in the making, I'm proud to announce Bitrate. It's the frame I've always wanted to wear, but could never find. Hope you like it, I'm incredibly proud of how it came out. Big thank you to Arnette for not only making this happen, but making it awesome.

Check them out here:


BEAST is a short film based on a story that a lot of you may be familiar with.

Directed by Mike Relm
Produced by Peter Songsiri

Lucifer - Beau Ryan
God - Al Bravo
Gabriel - Ben Daniels
Michael - Joseph McGill
Jezebel - Laura Pronge
Goons - Brian Alfaro, Emil Siapno

BEAST logo by Morning Breath

Written by Mike Relm and Peter Songsiri

©2012 Radiofried.

Download the BEAST theme song!

Chase Jarvis Live

I can hardly contain my excitement for this interview. I'll be sitting down with Chase Jarvis, world-renowned photographer/director/visual artist, to talk about the art of the remix and beyond. chasejarvisLIVE interviews are extensive to say the least, so this will be lots of fun and we'll fill it with as much wisdom as we can muster. We'll be answering your questions too; just tweet what's on your mind with the hashtag #cjLIVE. 

One more thing, I'll be performing a special set that will only be seen on the live broadcast so set your calendars for this Tuesday February 7, at 11 am PST! 

Click here for the deets on Chase's blog:

Here's a previous chasejarvisLIVE episode to wet your appetite:

Cowboys & Aliens

"Where'd you get your bracelet?"

Cowboys & Aliens hits theaters July 29!

I was one of the lucky few to see this at the Comic-Con world premiere and was completely blown away. Not only was the film everything I'd hoped for and more, Jon Favreau brought out the entire cast and crew to watch with 2,000 fans. Epic experience all around.




So I decided to create a whole new YouTube channel, dedicated to remixes that I create. Sounds simple enough, but as many of you might be thinking (...and a lot of my friends have wondered this as well), why have more than one channel? The easiest way I can describe it is, it's like when ESPN created ESPN Classic. Or CNN and CNN Headline News. The content is similar, but really doesn't need to live on the same channel. Same goes for me, albeit on a much smaller scale. I'm calling it RelmVision, so head on over there and subscribe!

Why subscribe to channels on YouTube? Every single person I know has watched countless hours of videos on YouTube. Yet the majority of them do not subscribe to any channels, favorite, or 'like' any videos. They create an account simply to be able to watch the '18 and over' stuff. That's fine and all, but if you see a video you like, especially if it's an original work, it's likely you'll enjoy more stuff from that person or production company. By subscribing to the channel that the video is on, you'll see all the latest vids in your subscription 'inbox'.

It's very likely that you saw the Crush on Obama video in 2007. It was everywhere. If I hadn't subscribed to Barely Political's channel, I may have missed out on one of their current series The Key of Awesome, which in my opinion, is made up of the best musical parodies on the web. If you didn't subscribe to OkGo's channel when you saw Here it Goes Again, you probably missed a lot of their other genius videos and behind the scenes features.

I spend a lot more time on YouTube than the average person. And that's not counting the time spent uploading videos or responding to messages. I'm talking about just viewing. That's probably because I have a pretty good flow of videos that end up in my subscription box. YouTube is much more than just the memes you see on the news. I highly encourage subscribing to channels on YouTube, it's really a great way to see more of what you like, as soon as it's uploaded!

By the way, the 'subscribe' button is located just above the video, underneath the title. A pretty good place to start is at the channels with the most subscribers in YouTube history.

Iron Man 2 TV Spot

It's been an amazing couple weeks. Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau caught my IM2 trailer remix on YouTube and brought it over to Paramount and Marvel with the idea of having me create something new for them. One thing lead to another and I found myself doing an Iron Man 2 TV spot!

A huge thank you (and major props) to Jon Favreau, Marvel, and Paramount for having the guts to get behind new and creative ways of doing things. As a fan, it's great to know that the Marvel Universe is in good hands.