Dancers Wanted

Hello internet!

I'm looking for dancers. And by dancers, I don't necessarily mean professional. I'm working on a video right now that involves dancing; I'd do it myself except for the fact that I cannot dance to save my life. That's where you come in...

With your camera on a tripod or table, film yourself dancing for 10-15 seconds. Make sure your entire body is in frame. If you're doing something that involves only your hands, you can just film that. All styles are welcome. If you're not sure what to do, try some Michael Jackson, Beyonce or even Napoleon Dynamite moves. Feel free to use props. Remember, this isn't a contest so have fun with it!

Please send as high quality as possible, HD is preferred but not required. If you're using point and shoot style camera that records video, you can just send the entire file from the memory card. Upload the file using and send the download link to

The deadline is Saturday, January 9, so get dancing! Please email with any questions you might have.
This video is a good example of framing, notice he set the camera on a table or tripod: