Watch Clown Alley!

It's been about a year since the official release of Clown Alley on DVD, so I thought it might be a good time to make it available for viewing online! You can watch it here in its entirety (sans DVD extras). Of course, you'll need 3D glasses to fully enjoy the action scenes (2 pairs of 3D glasses and Clown Alley poster come with each DVD). A lot of hard work went into this project, and I'm happy to have gotten overwhelmingly great response from those who have the DVD. Enjoy!

Clown Alley Review

It's starting...some people have gotten their hands on my new DVD "Clown Alley" and I'm starting to see reviews on it. This one in URB Magazine caught me off guard since I had no idea they were doing it; I actually flipped to the page to check out the review on "Bush's War" and Daft Punk's "Electroma". This is the first print review of Clown Alley, and I'm psyched!