My First Zoetrope

My life has been pretty digital lately so I decided to put a project together that let me step away from the computer and get arts and craftsy, at least for part of the building process. The idea behind this piece was to use the turntable in two ways that are on opposite sides of the technical spectrum. One being video scratching, which at the moment is the most advanced thing you can do with a turntable. The second thing is the zoetrope, which is the origin of motion picture. Anyone who has taken a film class will recognize the Muybridge images!

This was so much fun to make, definitely one of the best production experiences I've had. Helps to have a kick-ass crew, a few good ideas, and a beautiful location. We got to shoot at the Regency Center in San Francisco, which was built exactly 100 years ago, in a room that not too many people get to step foot in.

San Frandisco!

I love San Francisco. I love film. What better way to combine the two than with a party at Mezzanine with the San Francisco Film Society? Friday was an absolute blast, and I got to unleash over an hour of all new material to a packed house! I also got to hang with Party Ben, whose video mashups are just brilliant (and in case you couldn't tell, I'm a huge a/v snob). SFFS also brought out Peanut Butter Wolf who dropped music videos for songs that I didn't even know had music videos. I'm willing to bet he's got the largest private collection of music vids. All in all, it was fantastic. The bay area audience was amazing as usual, such a great show to come home to!