Black Friday Special

So like most of you living in the U.S., I've been bombarded with ads for "black friday" sales ranging from 50-70% off in some stores. I'm not sure how our economic situation is going to effect this year's biggest shopping day, but I've decided to have a little sale of my own. I'll be GIVING away 4 songs from my latest album "Spectacle", along with the music video for "Everytime". The package is called "Spectacle - The Black Friday Special" and you can download it here


"Everytime" - The Video

So we shot the video for "Everytime" (which features Del The Funky Homosapien). It went quite well, considering I never met Laura and Steven before. To be honest, I went into it with a backup plan if I wasn't feeling their performances. Acting-wise I knew it was going to be a tough job to pull off since it was all one long take with a lot of choreographed moves between the actors and the camera and various objects, not to mention the story that had to be told.

pre-shoot hangout

We did a couple run throughs and after the first one I knew Laura and Steven would pull it off. It was just a matter of getting the right angles and timing things nicely. There was also a certain moment where a certain liquid was to be poured on the floor. We tried leaving towels on the floor throughout the whole shoot, but it showed up when she walked through the hallway. So when you see her pouring the coffee out, imagine a bunch of people diving underneath her laying towels on the surrounding area. Pete Songsiri (cinematographer) did a great job framing the whole thing, and I definitely didn't want to compromise the shots for a bunch of towels.

Lighting was great, the loft had 20 foot windows and we estimated a good 7 hours of good sunlight. At about 2 pm Laura's hair and makeup were done and we had gone through it a couple times when everyone started to feel hunger pains so we ordered pizza and watched tv. When we were nice and full it was time to get to work. It took exactly 3 full takes to get the one that I used to cut the video. Laura really did a great job, I had a few ideas for the look she gives at the coffee spilling moment but the one we ended up going with was all her. If you can read lips backwards you can tell Steven was saying some pretty funny stuff during the argument. It got heated, but it was hilarious.

Checking out the first take, we\'re all very interested.

Overall, I'm super happy with how it came out. It's one of those projects that turned out even better than I saw it in my head. I love that.

Spectacle's first music video is in the can!

Let me know what you think!